ESS Scheme From The Government Starting June 2020

The HKSAR Government has launched the “Employment Support Scheme” (ESS) under `the “Anti-epidemic Fund” to provide financial support for eligible employers in Hong Kong to retain employees with a 50% of the actual salary paid subsidy with a salary cap at HK$18,000 per month, The maximum salary subsidy per employee is HK$9,000 per month for 6 months starting from June to Dec 2020.

Eligible employers?

All Hong Kong companies participating in Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) or ORSO schemes will be eligible to apply for ESS subsidy, expect for Government -owned company or its subverted organization and NGO are not eligible under this Scheme.

  1. “regular employees” ( age between 18 and 64)  under the Master Trust Schemes and Industry Schemes for whom MPF mandatory contributions have been made by their employers;
  2. employees aged 65 or above under the Master Trust Schemes and Industry Schemes.
  • It should be noted that employers cannot apply for ESS subsidies in respect of “casual employees”2under the Master Trust Schemes and Industry Schemes.

All employers and employees should have been set up MPF account or ORSO scheme account  on or before 31 March 2020 . In other words, employers and employees with MPF and or ORSO accounts set up on or after 1 April 2020 will not be eligible.

How to apply and how long will it take to get paid?

The process is easy and simple with the following steps and upload documents: –

all you need is to a valid Business Registration number available; upload a latest bank statement showing company name and bank account number which are matched with the application together with a ESS-Samplwith MPF/ORSO scheme number; number of eligible employee / relevant income / Employer MPF contribution amount.

  • Confirmation will send by email with the application number and a password by SMS, the application result will be notified by SMS and email. You may also check your application status on (


  • Payment is expected to be paid out three to four weeks after the application

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