"i-red" HRIS

"I-Red" by RedMountain Asia is a useful and effective tool for HR payroll efficiency.
- 24/7 access, anywhere -

How will your company be benefited with I-Red Portal?

Employee Self-service ("ESS")

Our system will provide a unique login ID and password to every individual employee to get access to their salaries related data and information online.

Manager Access

Supervisors can manage subordinates' leave applications, approval status and leave balance through their own ESS login. We call it the "Manager Self-Service" or "MSS".

Employee Payslip

Your employees can easily check their payslips online anytime anywhere on or after pay day. Payslips are available for download from the portal if needed.

Salary History

Each individual or employee can easily have access to view the salary history of any month or any year through a unique login information.

Tax Return

Your employees can check their own annual salaries tax returns (namely IR 56B) through the system by the end of every tax year. In Hong Kong, the common tax year runs from April to March.

Leave Application Online

Employee can easily submit leave request(s) online from anywhere through their own ESS accounts. Employees and their supervisors would be able to check the status of applications in the portal or by email notifications.

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what is "i-red"?

“I-Red” is an HRIS hosted by RedMountain Asia. It is an advanced system with features of payroll management, leave administration, statutory reports, and much more, which ensures consistency and accuracy. There is a self-service portal giving access to your employee for viewing salaries related information with individual login. It is user-friendly, reliable and accessible 24/7 anywhere.


Most frequent questions and answers

HRIS is an acronym for ‘Human Resource Information System’ which is an online platform that allows Human Resources (“HR”) activities to be done within a portal environment. Depending on the scale of the system, HRIS usually covers payroll management, leave administration, statutory reports, HR analytics, performance appraisal, staffing management, etc.