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Hong Kong Company Incorporation Services

Why Incorporate business in Hong Kong?

Incorporating company in Hong Kong can be very beneficial as it is considered to be one of the best cities for running business due to its advantageous business policies. As one of the open economies in the world, Hong Kong attracts lots of investors to form business entities. 

Hong Kong itself incorporates a low tax base (only 16.5% corporate tax) with convenient market principles due to which we have a lot of start-up’s formation every year. Investors from many countries can make an investment in Hong Kong and to own a 100% equity in that particular business.

Hong Kong is known to be a financial & commercial hub and a free port. Most of our imported goods are exempt from import duties and there is no VAT tax. Many businesses from all around the world choose Hong Kong to form their regional headquarters in the Asia Pacific Region. It also allows all the registered companies in Hong Kong to conduct business in China and worldwide. To be more precise it acts as a gateway for many businesses for market access to Mainland China.

Hong Kong is one of the safest cities for any type of investment opportunity as its rule of law and political stability. We find a lot of working professionals in all types of industries which constitutes diversity and effective business operations. The English language is very commonly used and spoken which doesn’t create any communication gap for foreign investors

Why RedMountain Asia?

We are a premier outsourcing firm with a wide range of services to help ease some of the mundane tasks for running your business. As a professional services provider we are a trusted and licensed entity TCSP licensed #TC000238. RedMountain Asia is a Hong Kong based company and we understand Hong Kong and regional markets better with deep insights from our experienced management staff and team members. We have successfully helped many in company formation from startups to SMEs, listed companies, and state-owned enterprises. We assist clients with a full spectrum of related services, including bank account opening, accounts audit liaison, and tax filings.

With our expertise, you can smoothly form a company in Hong Kong by avoiding unnecessary hassles which will save you time and money. Our team will assist you navigating through government policies, procedures and related issues until the completion of the entire process. We are available anytime for our clients anywhere.

Our Corporate Secretrial Services

Company Incorporation

  • Register a new Hong Kong company
  • Business registration (for any business including Representative Office)

  • Open corporate bank account

Yearly statutory support

  • Statutory compliance in Hong Kong
  • Statutory registers, records and common seals

  • Documentations of Directors’ and Members’ meetings

  • Documentations on changes of corporate structures & movements

  • Renewal of business registration

  • Audit liaison

Other corporate actions

  • De-registration
  • Dormant status for company

  • Provision of registered office

  • Provision of correspondence address

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Most frequent questions and answers

Hong Kong is one of the most open economies in the world which has a minimal and simple tax structure. Hong Kong uses a progressive territorial tax system which allows most businesses enjoy a lenient and relatively low tax. Besides, Hong Kong also has a sound and good banking infrastructure, with political stability and a dynamic multi-lingual work-force. Proximity to major markets including China makes Hong Kong an ideal location to set up your business.

No, you are not required to be in Hong Kong. RedMountain Asia can easily handle all the registration process and ship you back all your company kit and documents to your preferred location.

Yes, you can easily do business in China and we can help you to create a bank account in China through which you can easily perform your business transactions.

There is quite a bit of procedure for opening a corporate bank account in Hong Kong. We can facilitate all the bank account opening process. Currently it will take 6-8 weeks for opening a bank account with a major bank compliance and KYC procedures (Know Your Client). Account signatories and account holders must appear in person for bank documents formalities.

The basic requirements to register a business are:

  • Must have at least one Director
  • Must have nominated a Company Secretary like us, RedMountain Asia
  • Decide a company name
  • Have sufficient fund to support your company

There are some other details you would like to know. So contact us, RedMountain Asia will help you through and ensures a smooth start for your business in Hong Kong.