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Being one of the few full-service HR outsourcing providers in Hong Kong, RedMountain Asia has been winning our clients by professionalism, practicality and enthusiasm to solve their HR hurdles. We offer you tailor-made services for different aspects of HR management, fitting into different operational needs for business or companies big or small.

Our 20-years of experience has taught us, if yet everything but definitely one that we always put ourselves into your perspective, dedicate to be  your business partner than a simple service provider. We ensure you timely and helpful support, with accuracy and consistency. If you are looking for a dependable and trusty support to you and your business, we are the one you need.

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What is HR Outsourcing?

When you are streamlining your HR operations, it is when you need HR outsourcing. It is a profession that handles the HR management for your business or company. It either provides an extra hand to support your in-house HR team, or acts as your sole HR partner looking after all HR matters for you.

Services of HR outsourcing could be as specific as down to one certain aspect, or on a full range:

What benefits could HR Outsourcing Services bring to Your business?

It is always benefiting with HR outsourcing as you can focus more in businesses, enhance the strategic role of your in-house HR team from tedious and trivial but essential daily administration. Key benefits that you could enjoy would be:

  • Efficient HR management
  • Elevate strategic role of in-house HR
  • Effective staff management, talent retention and engagement
  • Maximise operation efficiency and profitability
  • Greater flexibility, space and time for business expansion
  • Free from hassles and burden of trivial administration


Most frequent questions and answers

Engaging professionals to handle human resources management for your business or company, allowing you more focus on growing business. 

It generally offers:

  • Payroll Management
  • Visa application
  • Outplacement (Secondment)
  • HR analytics
  • Employee Training & Development
  • Performance appraisal
  • Talent acquisition

RedMountain Asia  is one of the few full-service HR outsourcing provider. If you are looking for a reliable and trusty support to you and to your business, who is professional, practical and enthusiastic in helping you to solve you daily HR hurdles, we are the one you need.