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RedMountain Asia hosts a human resources management system called “I-Red”. Our platform is equipped with advance features which can perform accurate employee payroll processing and allow employees to access salaries related data.

Why US?

Pay day is the most forward-looking moment by all your employees every month. On-time and accurate payment of salaries in a reliable manner is what you would expect from a payroll expert. The payroll team of RedMountain has over 20 years experience in effective payroll management. We are well versed in the do's and don'ts. Backed by our innovative HRIS "I-Red", you can count on us for a consistent and error-free computation of your employee's salaries with practical and useful advices on payroll matters.

Let us handle your payroll needs

Why Outsource Your Payroll?

Payroll is a regular monthly task for every organization. It requires precision, focus, and consistency. It is repetitive and time-consuming. Outsourcing your payroll to us could ease your burden of this essential yet tedious operations. It allows your time and resources, especially your precious manpower, to focus on strategic tasks. No more backlog, just thriving business and employees.


Most frequent questions and answers

We act as your payroll personnel to oversee payroll management for you. That includes processing monthly payroll, arranging salary payments, handling MPF contributions and tax returns etc. You can also seek advice from us regarding payroll related matters.

The major areas of payroll services are:

  • Monthly payroll processing
  • Update and maintain employee database
  • Update system payroll parameters per statutory requirements and your companies policy
  • Arrange salary payments
  • Provide payroll, payment and MPF contributions reports
  • Upkeep leave records for payroll purposes
  • Issue relevant tax returns (on demand and on annual basis)
  • Payroll advice

Elements and habits of payroll might vary among different companies. RedMountain Asia Limited facilitate payroll, by setting up the parameters in its HRIS “I-Red” based on your company’s payroll policies. On a monthly basis, we gather the necessary data for payroll processing, making payments and statutory contributions on time.

The major benefits of outsourcing payroll services are:

  • Effective payroll management
  • Timely payroll and payments reports
  • Free from repetitive and tedious administration
  • Consistent, accurate and on-time salary payments
  • More time and resources on growing business
  • Practical and up-to-date payroll advices
  • Maximise your in-house HR resources on more strategic matters