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Who We Are

RedMountain Asia assembles a group of professionals from different fields of back-end operations & management aiming to provide the best outsourcing solutions to our clients for balancing their business and operational needs……

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HRIS "i-red" Portal

RedMountain Asia hosts a human resources management system called “I-Red”. Our platform is equipped with an advance features which can perform accurate employee payroll processing and allow employees to access salaries related data.

Our Client & Strict Confidentiality Policy

We observe and maintain a strict confidentiality code of conduct with all our clients. Special attention is given to strict personal/business data protection/collection at all times and in accordance with the existing Personal Data Ordinance of Hong Kong. Diverse client base: State-owned PRC enterprises, Small and Medium-size companies (SMEs), Hong Kong-listed companies & overseas-listed entities, private companies from Asia Pacific regions mainly Southeast Asia.