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What Is App Store Optimization?

In simple words, App Store Optimization (ASO) is a strategic approach taken to increase the Mobile App visibility in different app stores like IOS and Google Play. The major objective behind the entire process is to increase mobile app downloads. App Store Optimization can be also called App SEO where it focuses on getting more app downloads organically. So a continuous App SEO will help to reduce the total app user acquisition cost by increasing the app downloads organically.

App Store Optimization Services

Increase your Mobile App Downloads

Our team of ASO experts will not only help you to reach out your app to different people but also will help in maximizing your app downloads which is your ultimate goal . We can help you by performing various tasks like,

  • We help you optimize your apps in various app stores to bring more organic downloads to your app.
  • We will help you to improve your mobile app rating and reviews so that your app can have a good reputation in an App store.
  • We can also help you do all the keyword research activities related to your app in order to rank your app on top of all the app result
  • We will also help you run the paid app marketing campaign in different online platforms for immediate reach amongst people and put a continuous effort to bring out the best return on investment.

Why do we need an ASO service?

Facebook marketing is one of the widely used social media marketing techniques generally executed by running a paid campaign through the Facebook page. It is one of the most effective marketing strategies used by many marketers today & businesses which has proven to increase the brand awareness along with business sales. Facebook marketing will allow your product and services to reach out to the right audience with the help of social media experts. Hong Kong has a relatively large base of Facebook users today and is considered to be one of the most effective marketing strategies.


The ASO (App Store Optimization) is a continuous effort that is made in order to get a maximum app download in various existing app stores whereas SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a continuous effort that is made in order to rank the website in various Search Engines.  But there is one important connection between ASO & SEO which is the search intent. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be very important in order to increase your apps as we know that people will be looking for best-related app recommendations in search engines like Google and other platforms so it becomes an important requirement for all the app owners to hire an ASO expert who can not only optimize app in app store platform but also in search engine environmen.

More about ASO

There are very few ASO experts in Hong Kong and very few have deep knowledge regarding the app optimization strategy. RedMountain Asia has a team of an ASO experts who has a deep knowledge of app marketing and optimizing technique.

Technically it is the same thing but App Store Optimization basically refers to the organic strategy  of increasing the app download whereas the Mobile App marketing refers to the paid method.

Yes, ASO experts are also very experienced in promoting the app by branding it in various platforms where your potential app users are present.

The app reputation management basically refers to the maintenance of the overall app reputation in all online platform. The major reputation that an app needs to maintain is within an app store where the reviews and ratings are given to the apps which has a huge role in app downloads.

Yes, because ASO experts are well-known and aware of what it takes to make an app to reach out to the targeted audience which in the end increases the number of app downloads.

Well, there is no precise answer to which platform might give you more app downloads but if we have to choose one side than it would be google play store as it has more number of user base compared to iOS.

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