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Our IT Services

Our IT Management services comes with our one-stop solution package. It is tailor-made to suit your business needs. You may choose to tie one or more of the above IT items with our other outsourcing services such as, Company Incorporation, Payroll Services, Facility Management and more.

IT Services & Outsourcing Solution

• Helpdesk and Operations Management
• Offsite and Onsite (on request) Support
• System Audits
• IT Budget Planning
• IT Strategic Consulting
• Data Centre Management
• Vendor Management
• Network Management – Server,Workstations, Networks and Mobile
• Domain registration & provision of email address

IT Infrastructure

• Hardware & software installation
• Network and Security

IT Project Management

• Evaluate I.T. related configurations, processes, procedures
     and policies
• Assess overall IT environment with technical insights
• Enhance information security and asset protection

IT Audit

• Project Management and Implementation
• Business Continuity (“BCP”) and Disaster Recovery Planning
• On-request customized support

Why need IT management services​?

The world is fast evolving into the digital era. Technology dominates every aspects of our every day life. For companies from one-man shop to SMEs, regional corporations to MNCs, IT is simply the fundamental to get your daily business running smoothly and to lead you to success.Your reliance on the IT means your ever growing demand on a hassle-free IT management, from hicups in your desktop/laptops and the OS (operation systems), to software, hardware, networks, data storage, office communication systems and first and foremost, systems security.

With so much depending on the personnels who can manage such diversified and complex ecology, it is imperative you need our well-trained and capable IT professionals.

♦ Responsive & knowledgeable Helpdesk

♦ Efficient & reliable remote offsite support

♦ Resourceful & attentive onsite assistance

More about IT Management

IT management (Information technology management) is the process of managing all resources related to information technology in line with your company priorities and needs. It could be tangible resources like computers, networking hardware and people, as well as intangible resources like software, data and security. The central aim of IT management is to generate value to your business through optimisation of technology. In doing so, you need a well alignment of technology and business strategies.

Whatever size of your business, IT is simply the fundamental to get your daily business running smoothly and to lead you to success. Effective IT operations frees you from daily hiccups of your desktop/laptop and the OS. So then you can have your full attention to grow your business.

Our services are categorized in 4 areas.

  • IT Services and Outsourcing Solutions
  • IT infrastructure
  • IT Audits
  • IT Projects management

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