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How To Get a Work Visa in Hong Kong

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As a renowned financial and business center in the world, Hong Kong provides an energetic and diverse environment that attracts hundreds of thousands of professional around the world to visit for career pursuance every year. To embrace all these talents who aim to work in Hong Kong as their career goal, this city offers a visa scheme called Employment as Professional for those interested parties to apply. As a matter of fact, the Hong Kong Immigration Department receives over 20,000 applications for a work visa every year. So how do they screen the candidates and evaluate whether they are qualified to work in Hong Kong? Below you can see the requirements from each criterion.

How To Be Qualified for a Work Visa?

(I) Security Check

In order to be a part of the visa scheme of Employment as Professional, the first and foremost requirement is a security check that proves this applicant has no serious crime or security objection prior to his/her visit.

(II) Background Relevance and Special Skills

This applicant should have the ability to showcase his/her educational background with a first degree in relevant industries. Under certain circumstances, the Hong Kong Immigration Department also accepts applicants with special technical skills and qualifications supported by documentary proof.

(III) Employment Proof

This applicant has employment proof and record that he/she is offered a job by a legitimate employer in Hong Kong with confirmed documentations that has relevance to his/her qualification and relevant skill sets.

What Does an Applicant Have To Provide?

As an applicant, he/she has to provide enough information to complete the application form in order to register for a work visa in Hong Kong. To be applicable, this candidate is required to show his/her valid travel document, i.e. a valid passport, along with residential proof from his/her native country. Furthermore, the Hong Kong Immigration Department also checks on original documentation of academic and professional qualifications of the applicant.

What Does the Sponsor Need To Do

As mentioned above, a sponsor needs to demonstrate his/her legitimacy of employment in order to hire a foreign candidate. Documentations include:

  • A valid business registration certificate
  • Proof of the company’s latest financial status
  • Proof of the company’s current tax status in Hong Kong
  • Details of the company’s background (i.e. Business Activities, Shareholding, Company Structure, etc.)

Countries Not Applicable for a Work Visa in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Immigration Department has placed restrictions on specific countries for most kinds of visa applications in Hong Kong. These countries include:

  • Afghanistan
  • Coba
  • Laos
  • Nepal
  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea)
  • Vietnam

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